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African Choir CD Available now

"Music from the heart of Africa"
St Peter's Church and School Choir
Audio CD. 80mins running time.
£5.95 + delivery and VAT.

Superb christmas gift!

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This was recorded li
ve in November 2011 by Nick Webb - owner of FARFIELD Records and

Nick paid for his own expenses to visit and record the choir, and the cost of producing the CDs themselves.

He said on his return "Having visited the site I am sure that our donations are being well spent and every penny is reaching the school as it should. If you every worry whether or not your donations to charity really do any good then you can support St Peter's Lifeline with confidence - we've seen the real difference donations make to the children on the ground and the wider community".

All profits from the sale of the CD go to the charity (we are guaranteeing a minimum of £5.50 from the 5.95 price per CD sale).

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The recording comes in at almost 80 minutes and includes 15 songs by the superb adult church choir and 8 short songs by the beautiful school choir.

About the charity
St Peter's Life-Line is a small grass roots charity, with the passion and vision to make a big difference, where 100% of your donations reach the school and community (all charity expenses are covered by the workers and trustees). St Peter's Life-Line partners with St Peter's primary school and community in Kajuki, Kenya, by helping to lift a community out of desperate poverty, through education, feeding programmes, clean water, sanitation and the prevention of disease. We aim to bring Hope Through Education and a more secure future. Our core vision is to ‘Embrace, Educate, Equip and Empower the next Generation’.

For more information and to make a gift aided donation, buy a goat or a chicken... please visit St Peter's Lifeline

Download version is 320 kbps MP3 for the best quality sound. Compatible with all MP3 players, iPods, iPhones etc!

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