October 2011:

We are currently on the lookout for new music. We're interested in ambient music or electronica full length albums.

We can receive the music demo by post or digital transfer.

Physical CD in the post to:

FARFIELD Records Demos
PO BOX 152
BS20 7WD

Full album only please. Please include contact details on the CD disc itself using a marker pen.

Digital Version:

MP3 at 320kbps
FLAC; or

via www.wetransfer.com or www.yousendit.com (no other transfer sites please)
to info@ambient-music.com

Full album only please, no short samples.

We are not able to reply to all demos, sorry, but will be in touch if we like the music for more info. At the moment it is our intention to split all revenue 50:50 with the artist and to pay for all expenses from our share so you get a full 50% without deductions.


You may send a RETAIL READY CD for inclusion in our mail-order catalogue. These must be pressed CDs (not CDRs, unless extremely well manufactured and you are prepared to offer extra copies to replace any customer rejects). Please only send one copy initially as a demo.

We take goods on consignment (sale or return). Our standard agreement allows you to submit a query once a quarter for us to update you and pay you for any sales in that period. We normally take 10 copies initially and will return any unsold copies at our expense.

We also expect you to consider our download agreement (contract sent on request) for selling your albums as downloads. We pay 50% of the retail price with absolutely no other deductions.

Send a retail ready CD sample only, with your wholesale pricing info and details on how you intend to market the cd to:

PO BOX 152
BS20 7WD